Friday, January 4, 2013

I have been freed of bibliolotry

I, too, have come to a fresh and quite different approach to "the Word" (sorry for both using quotations and for referring to the Bible as "the Word"!). I spent 25 years of my life as a professional minister who personally and professionally devoured the Bible. I would guess for 10 of those years I read the Psalms, Proverbsa and entire New Testament once a month and the rest of the Old Testament each year. I learned its content (obviously!) and inevitably discovered insights for use both personally and professionally. In fact, I have discovered since leaving the profession four years ago that I read the Bible more to find my next sermon topic than to encounter God.

I now approach it in small doses, too, and in a random kind of way. I was raised to not only respect the Bible but unfortunately, to also worship it as if it was itself part of the Godhead (quadrinity). I was a literalist and a responsible prof texter (if such a thing exists). Thankfully by God's grace my relationship with Scripture has eviolved (yikes! Can I say that?) to a more powerful and productive place. I read the words with a freshness that allows new encounters and cleaner insights. 

I have been freed of bibliolotry.