Sunday, July 14, 2013

Devout yet Crooked : America looks like Acts 2:40

Peter used many words to exhort the listeners on that special religious holiday to repent (read:rethink) and save themselves from their "crooked" generation. What?! Didn't we just read that this large collection of people were devout? Weren't these highly committed people to their theology and the practice of their faith to the point that they came from near and far to show their religious albeit in Peter's words, crooked devotion? These people were not wicked, just crooked. This was the crowd that in their crookedness, crucified Jesus. They were so set in their religious understanding and practice that what once was straight had become crooked. Their devotion needed a correction.

Sound familiar? Lots of American devotees could be likewise defined as crooked- and not realizing it until it is called out.