Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some God-lovers Hear Jesus' Voice but For Some Reason Don't Get It

Acts 22:9- Everyone was exposed to Jesus but only one person understood what was being said and allowed it to change the trajectory of his existence. Paul's companions were no doubt lovers of God like Paul and undoubtedly shared both his passion and vision to protect God's interests. Yet, only Paul "got it". Only Paul's trajectory appeared to change. It's as if people of faith can sense something life-altering is happening around them but for reasons we don't know, they are unable to understand Jesus' message in that moment. Perhaps they would get it later- we don't know. In spite of being what appears to be the ONLY one that understood Jesus that day among the many that apparently heard him, Paul could not deny the reality of the experience. He could not soften or politicize it to make it more palatable for his God-fearing compatriots. He was compelled not just to allow his life's passion and pursuit to be eternally altered by the message which only he had ears to hear, but also to pledge his undying allegiance to the new and fuller expression of the God he loved now directly introduced to him as Jesus. The personal price he would pay for "getting it" would be the highest that could be paid but the daily satisfaction he claimed to experience from being "in Christ" was beyond his best efforts to describe.

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