Monday, August 13, 2012

Tents and Cattle- Luke 9:33-36

This passage reminds me of the story of the golden calf in the wilderness. When all they could see was a cloud and they were afraid of losing the "moment", the children of Israel tried to memorialize their experience with something tangible that would remind them of the God they had experienced. Likewise, Peter offered to put tangibility into a mysterious moment by offering to construct tents. God's answer seems to both the Israelites and to Peter seems to reflect disappointment in the human tendency to institutionalize the Divine experiences. We codify, quantify, construct, formulate and document That which transcends our ways and thoughts. To the Israelites God said to listen to Moses. To Peter, God said to listen to the new Moses- Jesus. 

It seems that our love and devotion to God has been reduced and limited to our involvement in and commitment to the institutional representations we have constructed of the Church. Perhaps God is again saying to embrace the Mystery of the Spirit and listen to the small (and perhaps indistinguishable in the midst of so much "noise") voice that leads us into Truth.

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