Saturday, December 8, 2012

Matthew 19:7- how might this verse be updated for today's religious audience?

While Jesus was probably saying something in this verse about marital commitment and sexual faithfulness, is it possible he was offering a larger understanding of God's workings with humanity?

What if in today's confused religious milieu the question posed to Jesus might be along the lines of "Paul taught that believers should go to church and in Hebrews we read not to neglect meeting together. What do you say, Jesus?"

I wonder if his response would challenge a modern interpretation and a resulting mis-application of Paul's words to say in response something like, "Paul wrote this because of the hardness of the human heart and he knew that people will gravitate to organizing themselves and reducing the Church to religious institutionalism. God has permitted this but it's not his ideal. My Body is more organic and mysterious in its makeup."

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