Sunday, August 30, 2015

Six years and not counting!

Six years ago today I gave my final benediction to the church I had served for the previous 13 years and a career in professional ministry that spanned 25 years in 5 churches and four states. While this is a date I can recognize, it was actually a culmination of years in which I was evolving and simply recognized I didn't fit in not only the church I was serving but also the institution in general. My quitting was not so much a cessation but a continuation on the journey that God initiated and I had the courage to follow. I didn't leave the institutional church because I was hurt and frustrated (I was, undoubtedly) or because it was hard (I stayed as long as I did because it was hard!). I left because of my commitment to Jesus and the Way he exemplifies (present tense). I can honestly say that the current state of my journey seems healthier and stronger than ever. I'm less certain of anything but more sure of everything!

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